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Real flowers in jewellery

Bloomery is handmade art intended to preserve the beauty of flowers. Earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and brooches are created with real flowers.
Using special technology of flower drying, we keep its natural texture and color. Flowers are placed in epoxy, that is "transparent as a glass", "light as a feather", "hard as a stone".
Every  etam is one and unique. Just as naturally there are no two flowers exactly the same, so there are no similar Bloomery items.

Nowadays Eco style is very popular trend, which is reflected also in Bloomery. 
We are trying to reproduce the blossoming of nature. Orchids, roses, forget-me-nots, regal pelargoniums, lilies, daisies, pansies, dandelions, delphinium and many other flowers are the basis of Bloomery.
Is there anything more beautiful than masterpieces created by nature?   
Bloomery design presents two collections: The Natural Collection and The Classic Collection. 
The Natural Collection takes the same natural shape of the flower. In Classic Collection the flower is placed inside a geometric form (oval, circle or rectangle…)  

Gift Collection Bloomery is an original idea and beautiful present appearance. 
Present the flower that blooms forever!
Bloomery pays special attention to gift wrapping.
Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail (Michelangelo). A button, placing the jewellery on a grass and gift wish card are branded elements of Bloomery gift packaging. We create buttons with 8mm diameter, where tiny alive (natural) flower is placed specially for the packaging decoration. To keep flower concept, jewellery are placed on the grass. Also there is an option to add gift card with wishes. You do not need to have a special occasion for that. It is always nice to wish Bloomy mood! For special occasion: Happy birthday! Happy Women's day! Happy Valentine's day! Make a surprise for your beloved: To my love. If you are looking for the souvenir from Ukraine: Present from Ukraine. All these details create the special mood.

About us:
Bloomery Collections are made in Ukraine. Craft artists share the concept: elegant (smart), solid, stylish and beautiful. In creation process we pay special attention to polishing, epoxide quality and preservation of flowers. 
Bloomery mission is to preserve flower beauty, give the joy for women and for all, who admire them. 
"The beauty of nature for you"


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