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Forget-me-nots are a symbol of true love. 
Flowers are language of nature. It is real and sincere. Learning symbols of flowers we can choose a state and mood that we would like to stress or intensify due to jewelry with real flowers.
Floriography is symbols attributed to different flowers and used to express moods and feelings.
In the Victorian era the language of flowers was used to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud. The language of flowers finds its roots in the East. Knowledge about the language of flowers was brought to Europe by two women: Aubry de la Mottraye and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.
It is the most mysterious flower. A great number of legends and myths are devoted by people to gentle forget-me-nots.  
One of them tells that giving names to different plants goddess Flora ignored a modest blue flower. Going away she heard that this flower quietly said, "Do not forget about me!" Flora made out and named forget-me-not having presented it an ability to cast memories over people.
The second but also popular legend finds its roots in Ancient Greece. It tells about a young couple - shepherd Likas and his beloved Egle. Once Likas had to say goodbye to his fiancée. Being very excited and not knowing their fate she could hold back her tears. Her tears fallen on the ground turned into small blue flowers. Likas picked and took them to hold his beloved in memories.
Besides romantic legends forget-me-nots entered traditions of many countries. For example, in Germany it was believed that forget-me-nots help to find treasures. And in England a wreath of forget-me-nots was presented to a Spring Queen who was selected from the most beautiful girls. In suburbs of Luxemburg there is a small, extremely rapid and crystal river having the poetic name Bathing of beauties. From July to August banks of this romantic river are covered with numerous lovely large forget-me-nots. In Europe this place is considered to be an embodiment of all legends about forget-me-nots. 
Ukrainian nezabudka, Russian nezabudka, English Forget-Me-Not, German Vergipmeinnicht – speaks about the same: about power of memories and true love. 


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Pendant "Heart" with forget-me-nots

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SKU: 21.056
16.07 €
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Material real flowers in epoxy
Flower forget-me-nots
Color blue
Diameter of the pendant 20 mm
Collection Classic Collection
Brief description Handmade. Special technology that preserve color of flower. The flower is placed in the transparent material "like glass" lightweight "like a feather" and strong "like a stone".
Inside of the gift box the pendant is placed on the grass. Button-flower, elegant bow, wish-card are part of the style Bloomery’s gift box.
The original idea and stylish gift. Flowers that will always be blooming!

Guarantee is 1 year