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The flower is named alstroemeria after Swedish botanist baron Klaus von Alstroemer. He became interested in the amazing plant from South America which was called ‘Peruvian lily’ there.
He brought the Peruvian lily to Spain where his friend and teacher Carl von Linné, famous natural scientist of the XVIII century, lived. Linné named the flower after his friend – alstroemeria. It is the name under which the Peruvian lily is known is Europe. 
Peruvian lily has always been and remains a favorite of exotism admirers. Peruvian lily is an exotic flower coming from Peru. It blossoms not only in the tropics but also high in the mountains
Peruvian lily is delicate and strong at the same time. It symbolizes strong and weak sides of a female character. 
In the language of flowers Peruvian lily means nice, charming. It also expresses feelings of friendship and devotion. 
Flowers are language of nature. It is real and sincere. Learning symbols of flowers we can choose a state and mood that we would like to stress or intensify due to jewelry with real flowers. 
Floriography is symbols attributed to different flowers and used to express moods and feelings.
In the Victorian era the language of flowers was used to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud. The language of flowers finds its roots in the East. Knowledge about the language of flowers was brought to Europe by two women: Aubry de la Mottraye and lady Mary Wortley Montagu.
Flowers are language of nature. It is true and sincere. Learning symbols of a flower we can choose a state and mood that we would like to stress or intensify by jewelry including real flowers.
Home of the Peruvian lily (Peru) is territory that belonged to an Indian tribe far back in the past. In Europe this tribe was called Inca. Inca created a powerful civilization. They knew secrets of medicine, construction, and art without any information about inventions. They believed in powerful natural forces, and the Peruvian lily was especially honoured by them and attributed magic properties. 
This ‘fire flower’ of tigrine color has its own history and a legend. According to the legend the Sun God himself presented the Peruvian lily to the Inca land. Ancient tribes believed in abilities of the flower to make a person invisible or to turn him into an animal to protect from enemy attacks. Most likely that these legends were partly connected with an unusual property of the Peruvian lily – its leafstalk is twisted by 180 degrees, thereby changing places of the upper and down sides. 
Peruvian lily, ‘fire flower’, alsroemeria – these are the names of this mysterious and exotic flower of Inca tribe that has become an embodiment of exotism and strength of womanhood.  
Klaus von Alstroemer 

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Pendant. White peruvian lily

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SKU: 9023
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Material real flowers in epoxy
Flower peruvian lily
Color white
Length of the pendant 60 mm
Length of the flower, the pendant 40 мм
Collection Natural Collection
Brief description Handmade. Special technology that preserve color of flower. The flower is placed in the transparent material "like a glass", lightweight "like a feather" and strong "like a stone".
Button with real small flower, grass, elegant bow, wish-card are partы of style Bloomery’s gift box.
The original idea and stylish gift. Flowers that will always be blooming!

Guarantee is 1 year