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Bead with violet delphinium

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Delphinium is called blue treasure, blue king.

A flower of delphinium means modesty and special attractiveness.

Flowers are language of nature. It is real and sincere. Learning symbols of flowers we can choose a state and mood that we would like to stress or intensify due to jewelry with real flowers.

Floriography is symbols attributed to different flowers and used to express moods and feelings.

In the Victorian era the language of flowers was used to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud. The language of flowers finds its roots in the East. Knowledge about the language of flowers was brought to Europe by two women: Aubry de la Mottraye and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.

Ancient Greek botanist and pharmacist Dioscorides called the flower delphinion, and later Carl von Linné substituted the Greek ending of the word a Latin one, as a result we have scientific Latin name of Delphínium. In addition the flower got its name due to similarity of unexpanded flower appearance with a form of dolphin head and body.

It is considered that delphinium came from China. Though delphinium is widespread in mountainous district of Europe, South Asia, India, and Africa, a lot of delphiniums grow in South America.

According to a legend, ancient Greeks devoted the flower of delphinium to a young sculptor who was turned into a dolphin by gods. The young man made a sculpture of his beloved who had gone to the shadowland. And he breathed life into the sculpture. But only gods were allowed to revive. Gods punished the man having turned him into a dolphin.

Besides its beauty delphinium has powerful healing properties. Already in the I century AD Pliny the Elder described a medicine having antiparasitic action and made of delphinium sap. Medieval doctors used its tincture to heal wounds, hence its second name is larkspur.

Delphinium also has magic properties. A dried blue flower of delphinium ought to wear around neck as an amulet keeping from other people. Here are folk beliefs and traditions.

A lot of artists painted delphinium in their canvases. Delphinium captures by its beauty and singularity in pictures of many artists.

Flowers of delphinium give special tenderness and refinement. They are not verbose and do not have a lot of symbolistic senses. Delphinium has a mysterious form and the wonderful legend about love story.

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Bead real flowers in epoxy
Flower delphinium
Color blue
Diameter of the bead 10 mm
Collection Classic Collection
Brief description Handmade. Special technology that preserve color of flower. The flower is placed in the transparent material "like a glass", lightweight "like a feather" and strong "like a stone".
Button with real small flower, grass, elegant bow, wish-card are partы of style Bloomery’s gift box.
The original idea and stylish gift. Flowers that will always be blooming!

Guarantee is 1 year